Oferta acdemica:

Lectura e interpretacion de planos

El plano de una construccion es representación gráfica, sobre papel , de un terreno, de una superficie, de una parte de una construcción, para lleva a cabo una serie de procedimientos técnicos que pretenden hacer del plano un proyecto viable y seguro.

Operacion de Maquinaria Pesada

La apropiada operación de maquinaria pesada es un aporte muy importante, para evitar riesgos tanto para el operador, la estabilidad de la empresa, la comunidad y la infraestructura en toda obra o construccion. .

Licencia comercial de conducir

En Estados Unidos, nadie puede manejar un vehículo comercial a menos que haya tomado y pasado un examen de manejo, en la agencia autorizada del estado de residencia del solicitante.

Como aprenden nuestros estudiantes

Our Mission:

We offer a free program of training and training in very important areas of construction, we have established a program of assignment to different specialties, according to the performance and demonstrated abilities of the students during theory and practice sessions, these sessions are carried out in real work spaces and production and maintenance workshops, the central goal of this purpose is to successfully accommodate our graduates in different jobs, the program includes teaching and awareness about responsibility, punctuality and ethics, which must demonstrate with the people for whom they work, and respect their colleagues in the workplace and / or in public.

Our Graduates students will demonstrate critical thinking skills to analyze and resolve problems, search for resources and available facilities for support to construction business, reflectively process ideas. .

Our social services department carefully evaluates each student to recommend and instruct if it merits some kind of financial support or assistance, so that each one of them can submit to the program of training, with no other concern than receiving a successful education.. .