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We accept people with financial, mental, physical abuse, alcohol and drug problems, suicidal tendencies, or any other problem that prevents them from accessing a formal training program.

We also have a counseling and counseling department aimed at personal and professional improvement..

We offer a free program of training and training in very important areas of construction, we have established a program of assignment to different specialties, according to the performance and demonstrated abilities of the students during theory and practice sessions, these sessions are carried out in real work spaces and production and maintenance workshops, the central goal of this purpose is to successfully accommodate our graduates in different jobs, the program includes teaching and awareness about responsibility, punctuality and ethics, which must demonstrate with the people for whom they work, and respect their colleagues in the workplace and / or in public.

Our social services department carefully evaluates each student to recommend and instruct if it merits some kind of financial support or assistance, so that each one of them can submit to the program of training, with no other concern than receiving a successful education..




The A Construction School Corp.

Efforts to empower our youth that needs an opportunity in the construction industry


Our Graduates students will demonstrate high level knowledge in written communication skills that give to the clear and purposeful expression of ideas, information, and advance abilities.

Solid Thinking.

Our Graduates students will demonstrate critical thinking skills to analyze and resolve problems, search for resources and available facilities for support to construction business, reflectively process ideas.

Technical Skills.

Our Graduates students will demonstrate competence in specific technical skills and understanding of the common sense of knowledge associated with a specific learning plan.

Professional and Personal experience.

Our Graduates students will demonstrate competent professional and personal skills that include responsibility, capability, and will make progress become becoming engaged learners.


Our Graduates students have the expertise level skills and credentials to apply for jobs, change careers, leadership in their workplace, or go to next level advanced education opportunities.

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Your donations to A Construction School Corp help change lives, and restore families....

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A Construction School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax deductible.

We receive donations: cash, vehicles, machinery, equipment related to the construction industry or Real Estate Goods.

Cash donations can also be made by sending a check or money order, payable to "A Construction School Corp" to PO Box 1964 Centerville VA 20122.
For donations of goods or services please submit a list of the goods or services you wish to donate, on our website or through a letter to PO Box 1964 Centreville VA 20122

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